Toronto's united contact football community.

Football Toronto is volunteer-run, registered non-profit corporation (OCN 1000271320) representing the contact football community in Toronto, Ontario. We advocate, preserve and grow the game of football by reducing barriers by developing and promoting teams, athletes, coaches and referees. Our committees of volunteers are focused on specific initiatives in growing the game. We are associate members of Football Ontario

Our committee members represent the TDSSAA, TDCAA, CISSAOSFL, OFFL, Football Ontario, OUA and OFC.

Football Toronto's main committee meets virtually once a month on Wednesday. Contact us if you'd like to join. All are welcome. Click here for the current list of our community. 


Committee Members
Name: Chivase Bryans
Position: Etobicoke Eagles
Name: Dan Lumsden
Position: St. Mikes Kerry Blues
Name: George Gretes
Position: Community
Phone: 6472947244
Name: John Engel
Position: TCDAA
Name: John Royiwsky
Position: Michael Power Trojans
Name: Kevin Velinor
Position: GTA East, Football Ontario
Name: Michael Fascione
Position: Scarborough Thunder
Name: Peter Harris
Position: GTA West, Football Ontario
Name: Russ Hoff
Position: Western Tech Colts
Name: Vito Curalli
Position: TFOA